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Problem with linking to page

I setup with you guys at had it pointed from Godaddy and when you goto the faqs page it is showing a different URL … which will not be indexed on Google. Please help, Thank you !

Hi @Paul2, can you please send a read-only Public Link to your site? It looks like you set an absolute URL pointing to the subdomain version of your site. Instead, you should point to a specific page when editing the Link Settings:

In the screenshot above, yours should say “FAQ” (or the actual title of the FAQ page) instead of “About”.

I tried that and did not work, Paul

UPDATE - Firefox and Google Chrome are buggy as hell— Internet explorer is rockin it just fine. Works good, Paul.

There were problems with linking to sections too yesterday. Every link to different sections behaved like it was linking to first section and last section. Randomly. Problem no longer appear.