Problem with flipping card

Hello, I tried this flipping card tuturial Daily Interaction #31 | 180° Flip Effect on Hover | WebDev For You | Made in Webflow - YouTube 2017, but webflow gives in the designer the good preview, but not online… who knows what the problem is?

this is the live website: wrong behavior

this is my preview in webflow:

a flipping card background is working into the preview mode (but not live, why?)

my project: Webflow - sgkei

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Karel. I think I’ve solved your issue of the cards having this strange behavior.

In the designer, you’ll see that if you choose a breakpoint that is 1280px or larger, you get the same odd behavior. I’ve circled the option in the image below.

Once you access this larger breakpoint, you’ll see there is a 3D transform applied to these objects that is causing the skewed appearance you’re trying to troubleshoot. So, all you have to do is delete these 3D transforms on flipcard-wrapper and flipcardsmall-wrapper on the larger breakpoint (1280px and above), and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps!

it works… thx a lot!

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