Problem with Click and Hover Interaction that toggle the same Element

I am building a website for a tiny hotel. I am trying to make this work as a one pager.
Here is the problem.

  1. I have the Detail-Page of the rooms that is hidden off canvas 100% to the right
  2. On the Body, I have a link that has a hover interactionn. On hover, this hidden Detail Page slides in 10% from the right, showing the user that there is something hidden. When I hover out, it disappears again. This works fine.
  3. Now on that same link, I consequentely have a click interaction to open the Detail Page. On Click, the Detail Page slides in 100% from the right and unveils. This works too. But as soon as I move the mouse, the Detail Pages closes again because of the hover interaction that is on this same link.

I can’t find a workaround. Custom Code? Overriding Webflows Hover effect when Click? Any help / thoughts are appreciated.

Hey @Reto,

Can you share a read only link to the project?

Hi, here is the link

It’s about the Link-Text «Mehr zu unseren beiden Zimmern».
Right now, I have integrated a «half-ass»-solution. Just a Hover on so that the hidden part is coming in from the right for a second and disappears again… That way, when I click the link and move the mouse, it opens and does not close again. The wish would be, that there is

  1. Hover over = The overlay slides in 10% from the right
  2. Hover out = The overlay disappears again
  3. When I click on the text = The overaly unveils completely from the right and stays open.

Thank you for your help.