Problem to Upload Fonts

Hello everyone, I am presenting problem trying to Upload new fonts, when I clicked at the “Upload” button, the windows open, but when I search for the folder where the font files are it shows nothing.

I have upload fonts before, but now it doen’t work.

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Hi Miguel

Are You sure your fonts are the right format?

Yes, I download the ZIP file from google fonts, and then extract them. Search for that folder from webflow and doesn’t show the files. I did it before without any problem

I also have a similar problem. The fonts are the correct files but I am not able to select them? Whats up?

TTF and OTF are just not possible to select?? Like why, arent those some of the most useable fonts?

I could upload them before, when I started my project. But, later when I wanted to change them, it didn’t let me upload the files.