Preview on Mobile won't scroll or open menu

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to finish up some changes and work on my site’s responsiveness. But when I open up my preview/share link on mobile (android, chrome) the site won’t scroll. The menu doesn’t respond to touch either.

The only things I’ve found on the forums so far is about Overflow being set to Visible on Body, which it is.

The site was developed off of the Legowerks wireframe kit.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - HTML with Legowerk

I’m having the same problem. I can scroll from my desktop but not on my phone. Will this problem be solved when I publish the site?


These types of issues usually occur due to applying ‘overflow: hidden’ to the entire site. Remove ‘overflow: hidden’ from the page wrapper and see if your problem gets resolved or not."

zafremedia team.

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It’s not hidden. I can scroll using a mouse from my laptop. The problem is when I open the preview in my phone and try scrolling by touching.

Please provide me with the published link to your website.