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Prevent Body Scroll with Mobile Navigation

I’ve been reading a forum post (with responses from @sabanna) on how to prevent body scroll but cannot seem to work it out.

This code is inserted into my footer code in my project settings…

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Hello @Kalan

Can you reference the post you’re mentioning please? and can you share the use case for this please?

I saw your preview read only and I don’t see the need of preventing scroll for it.

Hi Aaron,

This is the post: How to prevent body from scrolling when modal window open

The use case is for preventing scroll ONLY on the mobile breakpoint. When you open the menu button a completely different menu is displayed (compared to desktop and tablet).

You can see that when that menu open the background scrolls BUT the menu stays still, except the X-icon. I want to prevent scrolling so the scroll bar is not visible, rather than because I want the X to stay still, that’s not my cause for preventative scroll. I can fix that part later, if at all really.

Thanks for the reply…


is someone able to give feedback?