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Pre-select Dropdown in Form from in-page link


I am looking to enable a select field within a form to preselect an option if the user clicks a particular tab within the site i.e ‘Start Beta Trial’ - this snaps to the form section and ideally pre-selects ‘The SaaS Beta Program’.

Link to staging site

Struggling to find any similar requests / solutions? @samliew - I did see a post with something slightly connected, any chance you could take a look?

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

staging site link broken

Hi @samliew,

Correct as the staging site has now been pushed live at and the public share link is still active.

Would be great if you have a solution / or idea how to resolve.

Many thanks


Hi @samliew - just wondering if you have had chance to look at this? Or do you have an idea of someone who could help?


Page footer code:

$('#START-FREE-TRIAL-PLANS').click(function() {
  $('#INTERESTED').val('The SaaS Beta Program');

@samliew - fantastic! Thanks for your help with this, very much appreciated.

Hi Sam, I have a list of stores and would like to connect them to the contact form, so that a customer can click on a link next to a store and the form pre-populates the store name in the select field.

Your solution seems to be a good starting point. Could you explain the code so I can adapt it to my form fields?

Thank you so much