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Possible to enlarge image when you hover/click on a picture


i was just wondering if its possible to enlarge an image when you hover/click on a picture to its full view? If so how would I go about doing something like this.

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Hi @Matty

This tutorial should help you out:


Thanks, would this with with the CMS?

No CMS is needed for the lightbox widget but you could use it using this method:

@DharmaNode @cyberdave

Thanks for that, I tried to follow that thread but I’m not making no sense of it, I added the html script but cant work out what I’m suppose to edit/change to get it working.

Any help would be much appreciated

Its the gallery page

Hi @Matty,

Thanks for your question. It looks like the image field in the html need to be set to the thumbnail image.

Take a peek at my quick video:

I hope this helps!

Thank you dave! worked a treat

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