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Positioning in Link Block


I got some problems with positioning text and image inside of link block.
The problem is that the image standing on the top of the text, while i need em to be positioned one by one in 1 line.

So here’s a screenshot I got 4 cols in a header, and the second column got inside 2 other columns with link blocks in both with LINK1 and LINK2 and icons. I tried affecting it with float or aligning, but no profit.

Appreciate ur help.

Update: The icons and text stay vertical even with clear styles, i also tried affecting it with min. width, looks like when u put smth in link block it will always be shown vericaly?

can you share your link


I clicked on the header icon and the link text and floated both left and it worked for me.

Thanks, its something like that, now how i can center it horizontaly in the block without using right margin?

not sure but I would use padding for catalog and printer links, and just check each responsive mode. I personally liked the navbar widget because it already has the dropdown menu built in.

Currently you are using columns and even have ВХОД floating right which is going to cause issues in phone mode.

Ok, thank you, nav bar suits much better. But is there any way i can place an icon image near each Nav Link, like that was done in columns?

you can put your own link blocks to replace the links already there