Position Sticky Issue On Mobile


I have a few sections with position sticky that aren’t working correctly on mobile. When scrolling down, the top of the element is anchoring about 25 percent above the top of the page but when scrolling up it sticks in its proper position.

Everything functions on the published desktop and tablet, as well as in the WF Designer on all screen sizes. THis makes me wonder if its a custom code issue but I don’t see anything that should have any impact.

The sections in question are the ‘No Place like Camp’ and 3 ‘Connect with…’ sections

-There are no different mobile styles to the element or its parent.
-There’s no parent with Overflow:hidden

Can anyone help me out here?

Thank you!!

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Hey Sammy!

I don’t seem to get the issue when I check… maybe I don’t realise there’s a problem? :thinking:

Can you record a loom of what happens?

This is what I see


Thanks so much for the reply!

I have updated the site a few times addressing other issues and this one seemed to get solved. Every now and again I’ve noticed that my browser (Brave/Chrome) won’t load the sticky positions at all or the issue above will happen. However, it seems to be happy now…

I’ll let you know if I catch it in the act!

Anyone heard of an inconsistent load issue? Does this have more to do with the browser? Code should be code

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