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Position Sticky is not working

I´m trying to apply a “position: sticky” to a side menu. All the parents have the “overflow: visable” on.

What am I doing wrong here?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Sitcky means the element is relative until it reaches what has been set as a value for Sticky, and then it behaves like a Fixed element until it’s pushed away by its parent’s boundaries.

You’re not setting any value. Try put a value for Top instead of Auto. I guess the value you’re after is something like 20px so that it doesn’t stick to the very top. You also need to select the parent of the menu, the one that’s flexbox, and set Align to Start, unless the menubar will be as tall as its parent so no stickiness behavior is possible.


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Thanks bro.

I tried to set a value to the top but it didn´t work.
The solution was the “Align: Start”.:laughing:

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