Portrait video on Webflow

We use a video element on our CMS template page to display a related video on a specific collection page. This works well without any customisation on 16:9 dimensions videos, although when we use 9:16 (portrait mode) it blows out of proportion.

As you can see in the loom video: we have copied the 16:9 dimensions videos links directly and they come up perfectly on the web, tablet and mobile. With the 9:16 (Portrait) dimension, the videos don’t work well on the web and tablet, they are perfect on mobile devices.

What’s the best solution here?

I don’t see anything wrong in there.

If you are thinking that the portrait video got too big; you have to think that video is covering full width, so its height has to be proportionate with it. For a landscape video (16:9) if the width is 1600 height will be 900, then the same thing for portrait video (9:16) if the width is 1600 height will be 2844. So for the same width you get different height because of their dimensions.

So probably it would be best to apply different class for portrait video and give it a certain width or max-width.

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