Portfolio template layout issues

  1. The ‘Project content’ div below the image cards behaves weird when I set it to 50% width. It should become 50% of the width of the image card above but it actually shrinks.

  2. I tried rounding out the corners of the image card but it only rounds out the upper corners of the card and not the bottom ones.


Hey there,

Not sure if this helps, but seems the ‘project content’ is relative to itself - hence why it’s shrinking (I think it’s becoming 50% of itself).

May not be a solution, but have you tried setting it to “50vw”, making it 50% of the viewport width?

Rounded -
Again, not entirely sure but there seems to be something up the chain that means the image card isn’t fitting in it’s div/container nicely - you can see this up the top right of the image.

From a quick look the ‘625’ padding in the project preview seems to be causing this.

I deleted it out out and it seemed to fix the rounding problem - may just then need to adjust/play with your flex childs to get it back to visually how you wanted it.

Cheers, Dom

Thanks for your response! Yes, removing the padding sorted out the card width issue.

I still can’t figure out why the image isn’t fitting into it’s div block. For some reason, it’s leaking into project preview. This is the reason why I had to manually set the background of project preview as white coz otherwise, it displays a tiled version of the image above.