Pop-up for only users incoming with specific UTM parameters

Hey Community!

I’m a CRO consultant and perform a/b tests frequently and am looking for a solution to test our Webflow pop-up.

Ask: Can we have the pop-up modal recognize incoming UTM parameters (e.g. ?utm_popup=true) and if they’re present it displays the pop-up once to a new user. If that parameter is not present, the pop-up is not displayed.


  • Open to other solutions, I figured this may be viable as we can append any UTM param to the variant receiving 50% traffic in a redirect test to control which users do/don’t see the pop-up. Perhaps there’s a better solution.
  • Our lifecycle platform (Braze) is not an option because we cannot add custom code to their out-of-the-box solution.
  • I saw the post for showing the pop-up only to new users which we’ll also want to apply, but is not necessary to add to this post unless it requires a different solution when combined with the UTM ask.

Yes it’s possible using javascript, you’d need to research some pieces.

Pixelgeek had a video somewhere that discussed suppressing Webflow interaction-based pop-ups with a cookie script. Unfortunately I don’t have a link handy, but if you can’t find it you can achieve something similar by wrapping the modal in a DIV and then just hide the div when the cookie exists; the interaction won’t take precedence over the container.

Your JS code will extract the querystring param, and display the modal / set cookies accordingly.