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Pointer event issues

Hi Guys!

I have some issues with a piece of custom code. I have a pop-up window on this page (when you click on ‘Check beschikbaarheid’). The popup window is in a div that is 100vh and 100vw. I set a pointer-events: none on this div so that elements underneath are clickable. When the popup opens, I want certain elements in it to be clickable. I selected these divs and gave them a pointer-event:auto but this does not seem to work.

Simarlarly, the big logo on top of the site in the navbar is made of a Lottie json file. I also set a pointer-events:none on this element, but it doesn’t seem to work on this element…

Would be great if anyone can help me out!

Thanks in advance.

The issues can be viewed here: Onze Ruimtes

And this is a read only link: Webflow - De Watertoren

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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