Playing MP3 on click, while reseting every other MP3

Hey! This below is the code that plays MP3 when you click on .mp3-one button.

let e = document.createElement("audio")
e.src= "LINK TO AUDIO";;

But right now, it doesn’t pause/reset other MP3’s like .mp3-two or .mp3-three (just an example).
Additionally, when you click .mp3-one button again, it plays the same MP3 from the start, so it creates a loop with longer MP3’s.

Is there a simple way a js wizzard would be able to guide me to? Or give me resources where I try and figure it out on my own :smiley:

Here’s my ugly example - try clicking it 5 times:


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I’m not 100% sure that I understand your question correctly, but if you want to toggle the audio like a play / reset button, try adding a if - else statement (under e.src) like:

if (e.paused) {;
else {
    e.currentTime = 0;

If you just want a play / pause button, remove the “e.currentTime = 0” under the else-statement.

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