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Photo Gallery On CMS Template Page

Hi there,

I’m building a real estate site with CMS, with the CMS items being properties. Each property has its pictures, that I organised as collection fields. I’m using the CMS item template page, and I need each property to have its own functional lightbox-style gallery. I achieved to have a lightbox gallery, but I can’t seem to figure out how to show the images of each property when adding an image as media in the lightbox.

When I add one, that one is repeated on the other properties. I just need to get larger images on click and to move between pictures as in a lightbox gallery.


  • Lightbox media image is the same for all CMS item pages. Need each lightbox to have its own media pictures.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lewis,

How are you?

I believe what you are trying to do isn’t possible at the moment.

Check this item on the wishlist, is this what you are wanting?


Hello @lewis

Check this thread

I’ve been able to create CMS gallery sites like the one you need following this tutorial

Yes indeed! Glad to see it’s coming soon!

Thanks @FlowMonkey

Thanks @aaronocampo, I’ll give it a try!