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PDF File opens in browser and not as a download

Hello community,

here at my webflow website I added two buttons in the header. The second button “EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KOSTENLOS DOWNLOADEN” should start the download of a free PDF file, but it opens the PDF file in the same window. So I will loose lots of potential buyers.

Please tell me how I can chance the button, that it starts the normal download, not to open the PDF file.

I looked around here in the form but I didn’t find something really helpful for that issue.

Thank you so much from Vienna


Here is my site Read-Only:

By default the open PDF is handled by the user’s browser. I’m sure you don’t want to tell them to change settings, so here are the options.

Option #1: Put all your PDF’s in a compressed zip folder on the server, or whereever they’re located. Then link the button to that location. The user’s browser will not try to open. However, if is at their office, it’s likely the download will be block by their proxy or admin.

Option #2: You will need an additional html reference inserted into custom code for that file. Add it at the end of the a href reference. Here’s another thread about this as well:

I would suggest using the custom code first, then adding a zip file if you need to.

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