Pass Webflow Form Data to Typeform?

Yup! thats exactly what I’m trying to do, just can’t figure out what the code would be. Also, I think it is 6 digits

Yea, 6 digits and a ‘?’ it looks like.

But yea, the way the code is written, it appends that whole section of params, which would leave you with a ‘&typeform_id=g5h67g?’, and obviously that won’t work. Unfortunately, I don’t actually know how to code, so I can’t really consult you on how to mitigate this.

Best of luck!

@Zach_Pinnell I appreciate you sharing your code and the video, it was very helpful for me to set up the redirects.

One thing I was hoping you guys could help me with - everything passes through perfectly the first time I use the script. But if I use the same script again on the same browser & device, Typeform does not get the hidden fields as it did the first time.

I’m guessing it is because the variables loc, params, and iframe do not get reset between the two sessions. Does anyone know what I can add to the code to reset the variables?

Thank you so much!

My pleasure!

Sorry to say, I have no idea. Maybe it doesn’t matter?

My developer seems to have made ours work the way you want it to, but I kind of wish he didn’t because people tend to take the form multiple times when they get ‘rejected’ for a specific response, then lie the next time through! :laughing:

Hi Zach, I’ve followed the above information to the letter. All seems to be working and pulling through the the URL but I can’t for the life of me get it to populate the form with their name etc… I went onto your website and noticed that when I filled in the details it does not pull the customer name through on your form either. Is this an issue or did you manage to figure this out in the end?

Hello Jeff, how would you use this simply with the Typeform hidden fields feature?

What should I type instead of the xxxxx in my Typeform URL?

This is my Typeform

This is my preview link

You legend. Thanks for creating a video of this. I’m literally trying to solve it myself right now.

Hey, I was trying to copy the same logic but it doesn’t work on my side

Do you maybe can help me to figure it out?

Hi @Zach_Pinnell , It’s work. But one thing, data go straight to Typeform and don’t save in Webflow. Is there any way Email can store in both systems?

@Zach_Pinnell @webdev

Thanks for this! I’ve run into a problem though.
Following this i’m able to embed the form fine and pass the params into the URL, however on the typeform side the first param doesn’t come through

E.g. /get-a-quote?service=Buying&type=Land&state=Queensland
type & state come through to the hidden fields on Typeform side, but service is always blank.

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 2.11.25 pm

Im able to pass all params through fine if I set the form action to the original typeform url rather than my embedded version.

I’ve noticed in the share link you can copy from typeform, they use ‘#’ to separate the url from the params. e.g. /UjDcDzd4#service=xxxxx&type=xxxxx&state=xxxxx
I’m thinking this may be the cause? However I can’t seem to customize the js to add a # at the start.

Can anyone help with this, i’d really like to get the embedded setup working, I feel like i’ve missed something small.