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Dynamically pulling in hidden values from embedded typeform on webflow site


I’ve got two typeforms embedded on different pages in my webflow site. A quiz and a contact form. I want to pass respondents answers from the quiz typeform to the contact typeform.

Here’s an article on how to do it:

However I’m stumped as to how to pull them in dynamically or if this is possible on webflow.

Here’s a reply I’ve just received from typeform:

//Start of typeform support reply
If you are passing data between embed forms then the flow is a bit more complex because we don’t have access to your server so you will have to manually do that.

  1. The redirect from the first form should go to your page and include the hidden fields in the URL. Example:"

  1. XXXX values would be replaced by whatever the respondent submitted.

  2. You access the URL values from your server and.

  3. Then you have to dynamically generate the second link of the embed.

The exact details will vary depending on the server and the code being used.

//end of typeform support reply

Is it possible to pull dynamic values as described when the typeform is embedded within a webflow page? If so, any idea how I go about it please?

Many thanks


Hi Graham, did you ever get this question answered? We’re implementing Typeform on our website too, and are trying to figure this out. We’re looking to pass UTM parameters from a URL onto our forms.

Hi @timwut, no I didn’t sorry. I’m sure it’s possible with some javascript code or something but didn’t have time to explore it further.

Tim, curious if you figured this out. Having same challenge…typeform would not help.

Also looking for this answer. Typeform’s customer success will only direct me to help center articles, which begs the question of why they even have customer support reps at all.

Well I am looking for the exact same answer as @timwut is doing. I cant figure out a script. This is what Typeform however wrote me:

"Then create a code that passes your page’s utm_source=google as Hidden fields into the typeform, (for example if your page is programmed in PHP, you can use the $_GET variable).

Something like:

div class=“typeform-widget” data-url=" " data-text=“Typeformname” style=“width:100%;height:500px;”> < script>[…etc.]< /script>

Now the UTMs will record and you will know the sources of events and pageviews related to your typeform."