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Pass Nav Link into a button class

Hi there,

I’m currently creating my very first website through webflow. I was following “How to build a business website — Layout (Part 1 of 6)” when I had an issue with the Nav bar.

As explained into the video : at 11: 50, I would like my 3 Nav link to become button class but when I try to pass my first nav link as a button class, my nav link just disappears and I don’t get why ? You will find below 2 screenshots of each step before and after my test.

Thanks a lot for your help !!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Alban_Sirou

Can you check if the class is set to display:none or opacity:0 which would render the element invisible. If those settings are not the issue, then please share you read-only link for further help troubleshooting. Thanks in advance.

Hi Matthew,

Your help is much appreciated.
I cheked, correct me if I’m wrong but seems like neither display and opacity are issues.
Below the read-only link :


The .button class has some positioning applied that pushes it out of view.

If you want move the buttons inside of .button-block then use position absolute on .button-block and then use % or px to adjust the position of that container. Although it will be better for mobile responsiveness if you can not do that and instead use margins, padding, and flexbox to position items.

Hope that helps.

Got it !

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: