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Particles - Mouse force not working

Hi Guys,

So I’ve initialised a cool looking particle animation the menu of my site (hit the burger to see). For some reason when I change values in the JS it’s not updating. I’m trying to set the mouse force to -200 so It has a pulling effect.

I have a feeling it’s due to me deleting the GUI, however I really don’t want that on the site.

@samliew Any idea what’s going on?

Live Link -

Webflow Link -

Thanks <3

Fix the errors in your console.


@samliew I can’t see any!

Have you also followed the documentation exactly how they implemented it?

I have indeed, but I got this version through codepen. I tried using the default one but that didn’t work properly.
Below is what I have in webflow copy/pasted into codepen.

Below is how they recommend to do it but it does nothing:




What do you suggest?


Awesome that one worked! So what are you doing differently? When I try and add these they don’t show me errors but stop it from initialising. Do I need to wrap this in a separate set of tags?

This is an example of me trying it below




Hey @samliew ,

thanks for the pen here
it works great on all browsers accept chrome. any suggestions?

thanks for the quick reply @samliew
it does work for me on IE and even on android but neither on codepen nor on my website it works on chrome. not even on their own website does it work on chrome. i must have enableb or disabled some settings on chrome i guess. i will try to include the webgl-code-line and try it again. i dont know what the problem is to be honest.

thank you anyways and if you have any suggestions what the problem might be i would be grateful to hear about it :slight_smile:

best, deniz.

p.s. by “not working” i mean the mouse hover effect. the particles and so on do show up but no mouseover effect.

interesting fact:

i just discovered that on my tocuhscreen (laptop) it does work on chrome but not if i hover over it with my mouse. very strange :smiley:

Any chance of re-establishing the links here guys - I would be enormously grateful!!!


Pretty please … @samliew