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Particles-js integration

Trying to integrate the particles-js (check here how I integrate it with webflow and its working perfectly.
Aside from one little issue: I can’t manage to place it behind the text block

It always stays under the container

This is structure of my page.

The “paricles-js” ID is set on the “animation-wrapper” div:
Display: block
Position: absolute
With: 100%
Height: 50vh

I am trying to place the “ctn-hero” on top of that:
Display: block
Position: auto



If you can give the Share Link I can take a look :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron
I am afraid I can’t share.
This is a commercial project of something hasn’t been released yet.


@fabsfabs Ok, try setting the display of the “ctn-hero” to “absolute” also, I was able to create this a second ago…

if you like you can send me a DM with the share link, then you’re not sharing with the whole forum, but understand if you can’t :slight_smile:

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Its working now!

Thanks @Aaron

You’re welcome @fabsfabs :slight_smile: