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Parallax Scrolling

Hi. As I have already said, I love Webflow and it will revolutionise my workflow.

There is, however, one feature that I would love to see implemented: parallax scrolling 'cos I think it’s so cool :wink2: .

I bet there is already a way to do this using ‘custom code’ in the <head> and embedding code in the <body>, but I would love to see this made much easier in Webflow, after you guys have finished the more important jobs, like multi-pages of course. I’m sure it won’t be easy, and simple scrolling would be great to start with, but parallax scrolling is so fun to play around with and looks so impressive.


PS. For anyone who wants to know exactly what parallax scrolling is, Google it or take a look at this.

Wanna see how awesome parallax scrolling can be? Visit any of the sites below:

And some more complicated, even more awesome ones:

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Another amazing example of Parallax!

Wow, I love this! Added it to the list. :smiley:

Another amazing but very complicated one,

What do the admins think about the possibility of this? Could Parallax scrolling ever be a built-in feature of Webflow?

Very clever but I’m not sure I like it as a user? I feel like a monkey having to grind the organ handle to make the experience progress. I kind of feel that with existing tools like Flash I shouldn’t have to do so much work to experience what they are trying to show me! It’s effectively an animation that progresses as you scroll - in a very sexy way - but I’m getting RSI doing it :wink:

This is perfect for creative stuff like movie websites but if you’e building something that requires a clean and simple UX that makes it easy for the user to navigate to where they want to be in the fewest number of clicks (or scrolls) this isn’t the way to go.

It’s still very cool though!

I completely agree, and I wouldn’t really want scrolling like in the the Life Of Pi website on my site, rather something more simple like the Whitehouse Iraq website or some of YouTheDesigner’s articles.

So yeah, I agree in how I don’t want to be too distracted or controlled by the website when scrolling down, but being able to do simple, subtle parallax scrolling in Webflow would be cool.


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Hi … Please check out my latest blog for parallax websites

Nice article on parallax scrolling:

Impressive demo:

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Be great to see this in Webflow. Adobe Muse handles parallax quite well – worth comparing notes for WF devs.

Need this. has this and is like 1/5 your price, so time to add some pressure :wink: also has the crappiest SEO on earth, and most of the Wix sites aren’t even responsive. Apples and oranges… :wink:

Check out this tutorial :slightly_smiling:

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Here is a preview of parallax mouse movement and parallax scrolling in Interactions 2.0: