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Parallax scrolling on mobile

Is there any way to create a parallax scroll effect on a mobile view?

Here is my public share link:
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Why not. Its the same procedure like on desktop.
Create a animation that the content scrolls in a different speed (slightly up or down).

Thank you for your time. Your right but it’s not working on mobile… Desktop works fine

I might have explained this in the wrong way.
I made a page that have a few sections. In every one of them I set specific background that match the others in shape and place and set it to fixed position. When scrolling down, it looks like the photos are in the same spot and replaced in the same time. In mobile view it’s not showing…

Sorry for the late reply:

Set the size of the image like seen in the picture to 100% and repeat that for every other picture.

Thank you for your help!
It doesn’t work… Please go to

from desktop and you’ll see what I mean.

Same issue here, no parallax (fixed bg img) working on mobile.