Parallax Background Image on a Section Doesn't Load on iPad

I’m the digital editor for my school’s publication, Back Matter . I have several parallax effects set up on various pages by making a Section 100 VH and VW and setting its background image to cover and fixed, just like this tutorial video instructs: Parallax image backgrounds, gradients, and video backgrounds - YouTube. Everything was fine when I was designing it on the macs at school. It also works on the Chromebook I have and the Windows computers at my local library. Unfortunately, This parallax effect does not work on my iPad running Safari, which comes set to load pages in desktop mode. Instead, it loads the same way it would with a phone, as if the image was just static and covering the whole viewport. I would assume it’s a problem with my iPad, but this style of parallax loads on my iPad on other sites, for example this NYT Mag article Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change - The New York Times, which uses the same effect. That means it’s a problem with Webflow and not my iPad. So I was wondering if this was a bug or if there was some workaround.I’d also love it if the parallax effect displayed on mobile devices, too, as I don’t see it being too debilitating to the user experience in my case.

I added my read only link. The paralax images are on the essay pages. The most obvious one is called “The Man Who Sold…”

Thank you!