Paragraph layout issue

I have and issue with paragraph under the title. In “designer” everything seems to be okay, i have set fixed margin on sides, and container has “max W”. However when i publish the site the paragraph jumps out of its container and moves to the right. removing margin, setting max width also for paragraph, and centering, but nothing works… Happens no matter what

link to my page Webflow - Lasko burin

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Screenshot 2023-12-13 160229
this is the diffrence

Can you also share the published staging link for your website?

Thanks for the help!

I figured when i change browser zoom, from 100 to like 67%, it is in correct form and position. But we all have different screen sizes and zooms, so still don’t know why is it affecting it…

This is what the staging site looks like for me on the Desktop breakpoint, and they look properly aligned. Is it only happening on one breakpoint or all of them?