Paragraph in real tablet site is different from preview

The paragraphs look perfect in webflow designer. But after publishing and opening on mobile devices (iPad 9.7", iPad 11") they are different from what I need. for example this is what I want to achieve :

but this is what I get when opening it on my iPad 11 inches

the text in red circles should be in the next line.

I use all of the font size and any values in VW so I expect the shape of the paragraph to be the same in every device. Any idea of how to solve this ? thanks !

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Use px for font size and width
I used 400px width and 18px for font size

Does it work?

Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried that and it works ! however, I would prefer using vw or % if possible since the ratio of images, text and every layout would be the same for every device. what I don’t understand is how can the real site different from the preview.

Most welcome :slight_smile:

I think it’s because of the font. Maybe Webflow hasn’t properly configured it. So using % or VW is changing it because it depends on the screen size right.