Pages that used to work, now don't - tab control

I have a page that I made many months ago. When I export it today, the navigation will not work on the tab control. It just does nothing in all browsers. Seems like something on the webflow side of things. I’m not seeing how to fix it. Your help is appreciated.

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The page in question is /project/project

Hello, @Drennen

You will want to move the custom code snippet from “head” to the “footer area” ( before/bodytag).


Hi Anna, Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and it did not fix it. I even deleted the custom scripting and still same problem. I cannot navigate the tabs or play the sliders or anything on this page, multiple browsers.

Actually, removing that script (still can’t figure out why you added it) is fixing the problem. Could you check once again?

Ok, I think I found real reason of the problem, it is the embed map in the last tab. You lost one character, that should close the tag. It was breaking the code and cause the issue

That totally did it. Not sure why it worked a few months ago, but yeah, my fault. Thank you very much for the fix!


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