Overview of billing history


Where can I find the date when I startet the hosting subscription of a site?

I can see the last bill and the next, but not the history. I think :slight_smile:

Try this

Login to the dashboard
Dashboard (top menu bar)
Account (top right dropdown)
Account -> Settings
Billing (menu under Account Settings)

Somewhat of a discombobulated menu system…

or login and just paste this url:


and you will get history if you like it or not :wink:

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OK, thats a nice overview :slight_smile:

I guess this solves the problem, its just a bit of work.

I have to go to the Past invoices section and load more and then find the specific page and then take a not of the date.
What would be awesome is too see history for every site subscription.

Thank you Ninja! :slight_smile: