Overlay on the top of my embedded youtube video

Hey guys,

I would like to have the same overlay on the top of my embedded youtube video: https://www.everyday-agency.com/presentations

How can it be achieved?


Hey, thx for the link, but I am not sure it helps here. I’ve already set a custom thumbnail for my youtube video. But in the link I shared the whole youtube video is actually hidden under a kind of modal. Once you click on it the players starts. So I am wondering how I can get the same result with my embeds.

Have you considered using a lightbox?

I did, but it still has a different effect. I was wondering how to recreate the same effect exactly

Then I would suggest you approach the problem using interactions.

Hi @Josef,

Here’s a video of me implementing for your viewing pleasure :slight_smile: hope it helps!


Hey asksj!

Thx so much for the video, it’s really helpful. One more question. Is it possible to start the video once I click on the overlay play button?

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Hi @Josef,

Glad to help! It probably is possible to start the video once you click the overlay play button, I would assume this just requires some javascript–unfortunately I’m not as skilled in that area, but maybe someone else can help :slight_smile:

This should answer your question…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs6nNKJhxK4&lc=UgxRSP-3F_6vwf8V3xp4AaABAg