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this is what i am trying to achieve. (done in XD)

I have a section, with a background image (ie laptop)
I have a div block inside that :point_up_2: section set to relative (with position adjustments)
Inside that :point_up: div block is the speech bubble image

I’m yet to add the text and button.

My question is this. I’m looking for best practices on how i should approach the above. Should i be using columns or grids instead?

please note: I am in early webflow stages. learning as i am building. 90 percent of the time, i am not sure if I’m using the terminology correctly. So if you think a link to a webflow course will serve me better. I’m all ears:)

Hi, I would check out this Webflow University page:

Hard to know exactly, not seeing your current page but for the quote itself I would be using a combination of Relative positioning on the parent element(s) + absolute positioning on overlapping divs and you’ll set a higher z-index on these overlapping/stacking elements.
Then, the entire quote, you’d position it on the page any number of ways, within a column, flex box, etc.

Edit: Sorry just saw your share link :slight_smile:
See attached screen grab showing the absolute position of the selected element (I’m showing it with a screen of red to make it visible. This element is set to “Absolute”, I have it set with 100% width and depth, and then set to have flex box vertical stacking and with center/center posting for child elements. Hope this helps.

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@Port_of_Folio thank you for taking the time to reply. Your explanation coupled with that video helps.
I think i just need to watch that video another 100 times for it to stick:) That and the video about size; working with percentages etc.