Overlap containers and sections


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I’m new to this so may be using all the wrong terminology but here goes…

I currently have “container 5” overlapping both the “footer” and “section 2” and this is how I want it to look visually.

However I want “container 5” to be part of the “footer” so I can make it a reusable symbol across all my pages. This issue is that when I add it to the “footer” and get it into position it doesn’t overlap “section 2” it’s hides behind it.

Is there a way of adding “container 5” it to the “footer” which allows it to overlap “section 2” rather that going behind it?

I’m sure that’s as clear as mud but hopefully someone will be able to help.

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I think I know what you’re trying to do. Here’s how I’d tackle it.

Add “container 5” to your footer, center align it, then add negative top margin to get it to overlap. This way it’ll be part of your footer, but should overlap other sections above it. You might need to force the footer to overlap using the z index too.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately this is what I had already tried - without any luck