Overflow on webpage unresponsive

So, although this subject matter has myriad discussion panels I’ve been unable to find a solution in one that remedies my pages problem. Here are two issues:

1)My landing appears to allow horizontal scroll which I’ve tried to prevent/disable by "hid[ing] overflow on all the sections (which I read worked for some people) but, that was not effective.

2)A page section that has ‘hidden overflow’ enabled properly cuts off overflow content from one div but completely removes overflow content on another div.

For reference my website is www.jclarkecreative.com and I’m having problems with my HOME page with general scroll on x-axis (which I want to prevent) and the section called ‘social-proof-section’ which is completely removing visibility of the top-div

Well, looks like i figured it out through a bunch of testing. I found the element (in this case a div) which was causing my page to scroll. Quick work around was to put the div (which required a VW wider than the element so it would give an infinite scroll effect) inside another div and make the parent div take up 100% of the screen)

Solution: Nest the scrolling-illusion-div inside another div that has page width limits.

(this one has 100%)
(this one had 200 VW)

In future, with segments of the page that require effects ‘wrap it up’ to prevent accidental horizontal page scroll.

– OR –

In the custom code part of the page under the “inside tag” insert

body{ overflow-x:hidden}