Overflow on Body's right side

I want this ball’s overflow to not be visible but I’m only able to achieve that if I put it on the left edge of the Body element. I do want it’s overflow to be visible when it crosses over to the section above though. If I set the Body’s over flow to hidden the whole frigging site stops scrolling when published!:crazy_face:

I have the same problem with every element that I want to only be partly visible inside the Body. Works on the left side but on the right it messes up everything.
What should I do?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Namoi

You have to wrap the whole page in a div and give that element the overflow:hidden property.

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Like a Body sized div in the Body?:smiley:

Yeah just like a normal div that you place all the page elements inside of. I usually call it “Page” or something like that.

Give it a width of 100vw and overflow hidden.

It should fix the issue.

Tack så mycket Felix!! It works😁

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I kept everything on Auto with the new divs size.

Awesome, glad i could help :smiley: