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Overflow Hidden creates unwanted margin


I’m having some issues with overflow hidden feature.
I have a list item, with an image inside as an IMG.
I applied a scale transform when hover over the image, but I need to set overflow hidden in order to mask the image boundaries at scaling.
So, when setting overflow hidden over my list item, it creates a 5px margin on the bottom of the list item, and there’s no way to fix this.

Can you help me?

There’s a screen capture in this link.

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Bruno_Magalhaes great question and lovely design! Took a quick look at your site. When I set the “work-thumb” to Float: left, that resolves the issue for me, can you please try that and let me know if works for you? :smile:

Ta-Da!! Really solved the problem! Thanks a lot.

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