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Overflow Hidden/Alignment Workaround?

Hi guys,

Seems like there should be an “oh crap obviously” answer to this question.
Here’s what I’m working on:

I’m struggling with how to set up the tab to the right of the site so that it sits flush with the main column and also scales that way. My original set up had the tab inside the main column container and fixed, but now that I’m hiding overflow for this container, I’m looking for another strategy.

I see someone has asked about setting overflow properties for x and y individually in the custom code. Is that my only option? Would anyone be kind enough to show me exactly what that would look like?

Thank you!

Hi it’s probably easy to fix but I have hard time to understand how is it supposed to work. Your first main column is 550px and the second is 50%. There are cases where you’ll have a gap on the right and cases where there’s not.

Do you have a flat design to show the structure that have to be put in place, so we can help?

BTW nice skeumorphic design

You could always just add as second div wrapper to parent the column. Then you can use the overflow hidden and absolute align to the parent with an offset the width of the tab.


Thanks, Vincent! I realized I had my properties set wrong for the first column. Fixed! Although there are still some bugs to fix.
Not often I do skeumorphic design, but for a letterpress printer client, it works!

Thanks, vlogic! This worked well for me. I appreciate the help!

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