Overflow doesn’t display all the text

The div “accordeon” contains a text style in different numbers of phrases for the accordeon-menu. Somehow when the div is set on “hidden overflow” it doesen`t display all the text while on hover.

Can someone maybe help me with this, im starting to struggle.
Thanks! -Shuri

Similar problem, but did not solve the problem here: When it's display the text, it's doesn't display all the text

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Start by removing the height=0 property you have applied to “.accordeon” Hit reset and it will revert back to the default setting of “Auto”

Then go into your interaction and set the ending height to “Auto”. Right now you have it set to 120, which is too short. Auto works to utilize the specific amount of text in each accordion div

Also note that hover will have some issue on mobile devices. I recommend using a click interaction here. Or you can disable the interaction on mobile devices if you really like the hover method.

Thank you so much, it worked!
Maybe you know the other problem I had aswell, then I can finish this project finaly.