Overflow despite wrapper on hidden

Hey there,

I am currently building my portfolio and am running into some issues with overflow, which appeared at some point in my process though i cannot tell what triggered it. I must not have noticed it but I know it hasn’t always been a problem.

As you can see in my read only I have clouds moving outside of the viewport, I have the images themselves as well as their wrappers set to overflow hidden but there’s still some side scrolling :confused:
I’ve deleted the clouds and it fixes the issue, I’ve also tried putting all the clouds into a div and setting that to overflow hidden but it doesn’t seem to work. Setting the wrappers to relative doesn’t do the trick either and makes the clouds vanish altogether…

I am still pretty new to webflow and my setup is not the cleanest, so I’m sorry if it looks messy or if things aren’t done the proper way. I’d still appreciate any tips if you have an idea how to solve the issue.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Elijah Langenegger

Bump incase this helps get the post seen again because im still struggling… The culprits are definitely cloudimage and I cant figure out why… and it seems I also have some overflow issues on the e2n Redesign page with the background image (Image 24), even though that is also set to overflow hidden.
Someone please help ;-;

Hellloooo :slight_smile:

Change the position of the div gradientContainer to Relative and it should work !

Webflow tutorial on position :

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Omg thank you! :') I was so focused on looking into all the smaller containers and completely forgot about that!
Was the same Issue on the e2n Redesign Page. This fixed it!

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