Output Calculation with Custom Code

Hi all, is there a way to display calculation (calculationResult) by styling with the built-in webflow css instead of a basic inner.html within the html embed?

        document.getElementById('calculate').addEventListener('click', function() {
            const perimeter = parseFloat(document.getElementById('perimeter').value);
            const height = parseFloat(document.getElementById('height').value);
            const rollWidths = document.getElementsByName('rollWidth');
            let selectedRollWidth;
            for (const rollWidth of rollWidths) {
                if (rollWidth.checked) {
                    selectedRollWidth = parseFloat(rollWidth.value);

            const calculationResult = document.getElementById('calculationResult');
            calculationResult.innerHTML = '';

            if (!isNaN(perimeter) && !isNaN(height) && selectedRollWidth) 
                const totalSquareFeet = perimeter * height;
                const rollCoverage = selectedRollWidth * 12; // Convert yards to feet
                const rollsNeeded = Math.ceil(totalSquareFeet / rollCoverage);

                calculationResult.innerHTML = `
                    <p class="text-lg">Calculation:</p>
                    <p>Total square feet: ${totalSquareFeet.toFixed(2)} sq ft</p>
                    <p>Roll size: ${selectedRollWidth} yards</p>
                    <p>Rolls needed: ${rollsNeeded}</p>
            } else {
                calculationResult.innerHTML = '<p class="text-lg text-red-500">Please enter valid numbers for all fields.</p>';


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Typically you’d create and style the elements in the designer exactly the way you like. Then your script will reference by ID and set the text for each.

Can you give me an example with the script I have?

Not without having a DOM to script against.
But you have most of the techniques there already.

You’ll probably use document.getElementById to locate the elements and then just set the content you want.