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Out of sight out of mind: be careful with drop-downs and sliding menus


I remember reading about this awhile back and ever since I try and find design solutions that avoid hiding the menu. So many sites are small enough that they can display there most important links in an open navigation.

Interesting. Thanks. I’m right now in the middle of designing a mobile website in WF. And it does exactly the right things mentioned in the article. Check: on your mobile phone

I have used the “facebook technique” (4 direct items in a lower toolbar + a more item that either has a sliding menu or link to a section with more items) and it works great (will show when sites are pushed online).

I’m working now on a concept of menus for mobile versions of big online stores, the ones with 10k products, 15 categories with 3 to 10 sub-categories each. Dropdown is already a no-go for me so a double dropdown is even more.

Any good/interesting reference for ecommerce mobiles menus is welcome if you know some.

edit: toolbar bottom menus represent some work in webflow, and some tweaks/fine tuning. That would be super cool if we had such an option in the navbar widget… beautiful and solid bottom toolbar with the use of <i> elements for icons.

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Yes, it’s a good start… anyway we’re all ok to admit that the experience should be different on mobile. I’m researching “menu cards” a bit like you mobile screen. “Cards” because they won’t overflow the viewport, never.

I don’t know where it leads me be I’ll see (:

Indeed, hear hear.

Yeah, i’ve made them fixed width now, but with different viewports I’m thinking about going to use percentage vw and vh for widths. It’s hard with all the different viewports, but we’re surely going somewhere.

You might want to check out the work of these guys:
Project page:
Live site of the project:
The live site might show you a way to work with lots of products.

Their own site is also very well optimized for mobile (especially tablet) as well.

Awesome! I wans’t expecting a discussion about that, very cool.