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Option to automatically hide entire section (not just the dynamic list) if collection inside is empty

It would be possible to hide an entire news/blog section, event list etc. when there’s no content.

Edit: I know you can hide the dynamic list when there’s no items. I want to hide an entire section containing the list. This way there won’t even be any need for an “empty items message”.

You can already do this. Select the empty state from the Navigator panel, go to the settings panel and unclick the 4 responsive icons, until you see “Visible in: Your imagination : )

No, you misunderstand. I don’t want to hide the dynamic list, I want to hide the entire section containing the dynamic list. I want to remove any trace of there being a news/blog/whatever section. I don’t think that’s currently possible.

I think many would agree with me this would’ve been incredibly useful.

Having the same issue, did anyone figured this out?

Nope I dont think it is. How should that be possible in native webflow?

But there might be a “custom code” workaround for this …

Ok, here it is:

Add code before tag:

    $('.w-dyn-empty').parents('.section').each(function(){ $(this).hide()})