Opening hamburger menu makes rest of page unresponsive

Hi all,

When you open the hamburger menu in preview mode on a site I’m working on it it kills all interactions on that page unless you click a link from the menu. So if you open and close the hamburger without clicking a link and going to a new page, you can’t do anything on that page.

Here is a preview link:

Any ideas as to the culprit? Any help would be much appreciated.


[UPDATE] using firebug to inspect it appears that w-nav-overlay stays open and stops you from interacting with other elements?

Hi @Biffyn, thanks a lot for the posting. I am sorry to hear about the trouble. I want to understand what the issue is, could you perhaps create a screencast to show what happens?

I followed your instructions, I went to the home page, I opened the dropdown menu in Tablet view and without clicking a link, went to another page, but the interactions worked fine for me.

Hi @cyberdave thanks for the reply, the problem is if you just open and close the dropdown menu in tablet view or lower, without clicking a link you cant interact with the rest of the page. Well ok that is not 100% true you can still interact with the dropdown menu and the language selector box (globe in red box).

Anyway, after some investigation It seems that when the dropdown is opened and the closed (without any other interaction with the menu) that an over lay is covering the page here is the code for the culprit:

<div class="w-nav-overlay" data-wf-ignore="" style="height: 4095px; display: block;">

.w-nav-overlay { display: none; left: 0; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 100%; width: 100%;

Not sure what i need to do to to stop this, any help would be appreciated.


P.S I can make a screencast if you still need me to, just let me know.

Hi @Biffyn, thanks a lot for the clear explanation :slight_smile: I took a look at the site, and I think there might be something funny going on in that navbar symbol.

The fastest thing I think to do is to create a new Navbar and container, and then drag in the old navbar logo, navmenu and button to the new navbar.

Here is a video:

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for taking the time @cyberdave much appreciated!! :heart_eyes:

I will get on with changing the navbar tomorrow. Will let you know if there is anymore problems with it.

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