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Open x Close Sidebar

I tried to do the Example 4 of but something is going wrong.

I found out this page in the Forum, but I still need a help, please: Opening/closing the sliding sidebar with the same button while keeping a separate button just to close it

I did all the steps but, when I click to close “Close” nothing happens. The page is the first one at: To open the sidebar “sidebar” the click is on “Open sidebar” with “link home” class element (home page) and to close is on the button Close “Button Botao fechar” (sidebar).

Could you send the step by step to do it, please? Thanks all.

I think this thread is what you are looking for ?

Thanks, but I just use 1 click and it doesn`t work.

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@Revolution thanks so much! I did it, but the first click to show the sidemenu, it just appears (100%oppacity) and doesn´t move. Do you know anything aout it?

on the INIT of the side bar… (Transition) did you move it over right N Pixels and change Opacity to 0%.

Sounds great now! Thanks @Revolution \o/

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