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Open Graph Images Uploaded By Client

Hi Webflow,

I have created a site for a client and was demonstrating the CMS to him so that he can create his own article pages. After the client has created the article page he will then proceed to share the link to his social media accounts.

When he does this I assume it will pick up the OpenGraph data he can set him self in the page settings. Is this correct?

Also where will it pull the image from? I can see you can add an image URL but if the client is in control of this where can he upload the image and then get the URL from?

Is there an process for this that I am unaware of?



No, you the designer should set the OG image to link to an image field, and the OG title and description to name field and multi-line text fields respectively, in the collection template page settings.

Please use the great resources the staff has spent thousands of hours to create for you >

Ah yes. You can set it as a dynamic field. Thanks, Sam.

I’ve included screenshot below in case anyone else needs this help.