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Open a CMS link as new page

My customer uses a CMS site to publish blogs and she’d like to open a new page when linking from her blog. Is there a way of doing this?

Internal or external link? Link created Inside a RTF or another field?

Sorry, that wasn’t much help was it!?

She writes the blog as rich text and she may add an external link to a word or phrase which she wants to open ‘as a new page’ (or tab) when it’s clicked.

You would need to use some custom code (JS/jQuery) to append the target=“blank” declaration to an anchor element within a classed RTF element. I have seen unwarranted concern about using this declaration on webflow sites, but this should not be an issue as there is no user generated content.

Look up adding a declaration to an element with jQuery (already loaded and cross browser friendly).

I’m pretty sure that’s an option already, isn’t it? Without custom code, just add the link (highlight the word) and click the gear icon. It has a checkbox for 'open in new tab).

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@sarahfrison is right. Hmm. I miss the little things sometimes. Was working on adding a class to the link dynamically. Thus the quick march down the custom code option. :slight_smile: