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Opacity on tablet and mobile

I’ve set a nav bar to 92% opacity, so that you can see underlying objects as they scroll through.
This works fine on desktop - but on Tablet and Mobile the nav bar switches to 100%. does anybody know why this is? Or anybody know how to stop this from happening?

Hi @JamesHannaford, could you share the read-only link to your site?

We be happy to take a look :slight_smile: There might be some style overide at the tablet and mobile version going on…

Hi @cyberdave Thanks A Lot, Link below - would really appreciate any help.

@cyberdave - i worked out what i had done wrong - i had changed the position to Auto for tablet and below, when i changed this to inherit from desktop (fixed) it became 92% opacity.

Thanks for the prompt to look through my styles though :smile: