Opacity Animation Issue: Action occurs immediately instead of a smooth gradual transition

Hello in the attached URL you will see that image 8 is supposed to animate from opacity 0 to 100 smoothly. It doesn’t transition from 0 to 100 smoothly, it happens immediately. I have tried using different easing types (ease in & out, ease in, ease out, Etc.), I have tried different easing durations, and have tried breaking the actions apart from each other (Actions happen after the previous finishes animating). Sadly after these attempts I never got past the issue so I am reaching out in hopes off finding a solution. Thank you in advance and have a great day.

Best Regards, Craig Strickland

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As i see your portfolio your image8 is very small and can you put your image8 in different section so that i easily resolve your problem

One small suggestion as a friend-
whenever you add interaction to your webflow design please first do it in a different page or section or you can create a new testing site for experiment your future interactions it makes the whole process transparent and easy