Online interactive Scheduling

Our Venture: Giving Volunteer services to a community
Volunteers are grouped according to their contributions/tasks in counselling, teaching, training….
There are 5 members in each group.
These volunteers provide services in their free time.
If someone needs any of the services, he/she will inform the organization and inform his/her desired date and time (e.g. January 5, 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00) and asks for assistance. This request will be published only for the members of the specific group i.e. relevant category of services (e.g. for the group of counsellors but not the group of instructors). It means it will be visible for the relevant group or only the members of the relevant group. The group will be also automatically notified (either through E-Mail or SMS). Anyone in the group who has time can confirm his/her readiness to take this appointment. Once this “appointment” is booked, it will be blocked for not to be booked by another volunteer who might have time. But bookings should be possible for other clients who need assistance from the same group or another group at the same time (e.g. a support request from two or more customers must be possible on the same day and at the same time for the same category or for another category of services).
Can anyone inform me such program? Thank you for your support.

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SignUp: SignUp is a popular platform that allows organizations to create online sign-up sheets for volunteers. It offers features such as group-specific sign-ups, automated notifications, and the ability to block time slots once filled.

Better Impact: Better Impact is a comprehensive volunteer management software that includes features for scheduling, communication, and tracking volunteer hours. It allows organizations to create groups, manage availability, and send notifications to volunteers based on their assigned tasks.

VolunteerLocal: VolunteerLocal is a user-friendly platform that simplifies volunteer scheduling and registration. It offers group-specific sign-ups, automated notifications, flexible scheduling options, and the ability to manage multiple events or projects.

Cervis: Cervis is a volunteer management system that offers customizable features for scheduling, communication, and reporting. It allows organizations to create volunteer profiles, manage group assignments, and send notifications based on specific service categories.