Onclick Link show/hide div individually apply all same class

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I created a button/link(“called Details”) when clicking will show/ hide div content in the table record. I have many similar rows in my table(same class name). May I know if I can use the same interaction that applies to all table rows separately? I have tried to use elements or classes under interaction, but the different buttons still affect the same div content. Could you please suggest how to do it?

Hi @aesoppang,

To be able to look into this further, could you please provide us with a Read-only link to your website?


Yes, Please see my link below:

When I click “View Amenities”, another “same class” div will show. I would like to use the same class name but click the hyper link show person div.

Please help. Thanks!!!

Hi @aesoppang,

I’ve recorded a quick video here to show you how you could do this: CleanShot 2022-07-12 at 16.42.11 · CleanShot Cloud

Let me know if any questions!

OMG~ That’s incredible how fast and detailed you teach me. Thank you so much for your help.
Million Thanks!!!

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